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"To Me, The Smell Of Freshly Made Coffee Is .... The 8th Wonder Of the World."





"What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup. "

We Love Delicious Beverages!



Here at Indigo Mist we love delicious beverages and want you to enjoy our special selection of drinks chosen from the best brands and roasters around the world.


You can choose to go on a World Tour or have a tour in the comfort of your own home by selecting some of our delicious beverages from different regions, with their own unique blends, tastes, roasts and aromas!


With the rich history of Coffee, Tea and Cocoa throughout the centuries and around the world, some of our brands have been around for over a century.


Our brands bring with them a wealth of experience in Coffee, Tea and Cocoa preparation, from the perfect choice of bean and roast to maintaining optimum freshness and the ability to create a delicious beverage for every taste.  Some of our roasters are long established family businesses with secret recipes passed down from generation to generation.


Please check our website on a regular basis as we continue to source some of the most delicious and original beverages available around the world.


If there are any delicious international brands you would like to see available on Indigo Mist, drop us an email and let us know at: [email protected]




Now all you have to do is..... Sit back and enjoy your Coffee!