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"To Me, The Smell Of Freshly Made Coffee Is .... The 8th Wonder Of the World."



Black Ruby Dark Roast Coffee (Strong) | Gourmet Whole Coffee Beans 250g | Espresso Blend Suitable For all Coffee Machines | Premium Arabica Beans


Strong and Smooth Espresso Blend With A Rich, Full Bodied Taste.

Premium Arabica Beans sourced from South and Central America.

Rich Earthy Tones With A Smokey Aroma Of Dark Cocoa And Tobacco.

A Dark Roast Blend of Coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Roasted in the U.K in small batches for maximum flavour, freshness and aroma.

Suitable For All Coffee Makers - Cafetiere, Percolators, Stove Top Coffee Makers, Filter, Aeropress, Siphons, Expresso Machines.