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Simón Coll A La Taza Drinking / Cooking Chocolate Bars - Variety Pack 3 x 200g


3 Delicious Flavours: 60% Cocoa With Cinnamon- 200g, 60% Cocoa With Vanilla- 200g, 70% Cocoa With Chilli & Pepper- 200g.

A traditional drinking chocolate that makes a deliciously thick and tasty drink, also ideal for desserts, baking, cooking and coating fruits.

Each bar comes divided up into 8 blocks of 25g portions, each portion is ample enough to make a single mug of steaming hot chocolate

Simón Coll gourmet chocolate use a high percentage of cocoa for a superior and luxurious taste.

Simón Coll Chocolatiers established in Barcelona, Spain since 1840.