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Traditional Turkish Delight 300g/10.5oz- 2 Boxes - Rose Flavour - Cyprus Loukoumi


Amalia Cyprus Delights are produced from the purest ingredients

2 Boxes - Rose Flavour 300g

Perfect Accompaniment For Coffee and Tea

Made from a Traditional Recipe

Amalia Cyprus Delights are produced from the purest ingredients. The raw materials are placed in cauldrons and boiled to high temperatures. The mixture is continuously stirred to ensure the complete mixing of the materials. The mixture is then poured into large baking trays, sprinkled with sugar and placed in the cutting machine to be cut into small bite-size pieces and packaged. In order to be better preserved the Cyprus Delights are placed in small sachets before they are packaged in paper boxes. In this way, the Delights are protected from humidity and other external factors which could degrade their quality and flavour.